WCG on Korea! Lets compete for your country! (Europe)

Thursday, March 10, 2011
Last year League of Legends featured as a promotional title at the WCG, this year however it has been selected as an official title for the first time. This of course includes the Grand Finals, which will be held in the largest bastion of eSports in the World, South Korea.

It will be a qualify for each 16 countries selected by WCG / Riot. So lets talk about the important players / countrys of Europe server.

1º. Spain. We have a good spanish team ( Dimegio) with a rooster full of spanish. We also have 1 team with some spanish guys (Over-Game). But we have also some other spanish players in top teams. For example, our lovely xPeke, AP Carry of Fnatic (Old myR). Oce1ote, AP carry of SK-Gaming, Ch0s3n, tank of Liquicity, or me, Support / Jungler on SK Gaming. How is going to be the qualify?

2º France. They have 1 of the best european team, with all french players, aAa. They also have ALS as top player and the new nSydia team. But they also have Alth0r, AP Carry of SK-Gaming and one of the best french players!

3º Germany, this will be a hard qualify. As top teams you can find: Competo, Gamed! and SpeedLink. But what about all of that germany players without team or in a European team? SleazyWeazy, nRated, Severus, Mellisan, LaMiaZealot, Moma, Play Int Its Ok... Many good players that could mix for a WCG Team.

4º Sweden, they had an almost full sweden team the old Fureur. But they can do a very good team for the WCG: Skaft, Beardie, Sommie, Maka, Rashaasii, or Edvin or other top Sweden players.

5º Russia, pretty good team aswell, with almost all the team of LiquiCity and players of TV.

6º England: There are some top players here aswell. Fredy122, Havoc24, and some other players like Kaution.

Other countrys with some good players: Shushei on Poland, Wickd on Denmark, WetDream and Wewillfailer on Belgium, CyanideFi and the old Itkuvirsi team, Karalius and Angush on Lithuania...

Bet for your favorite team of each country!


  1. aBhorsen said...:

    Denmark actually have a strong team, they also have the likes of Guardsman Bob from the U.S server.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Cool post.

    Bob is a decent player, but nowhere near competitive level in US play.

    Should also post the big non-European three, Canada, USA and Korea. Canada have HotshotGG, bigfatjiji and Elementz of CLG and I am sure some other high Elo players, and the US has most of the top players on the US server. Also the Koreans have a lot of really good players on the US server (lilac, grandjudge, manyreason, scarletdoom, nolja, cornsalad, locodoco etc.)

  1. alvar_martin said...:

    I will talk to Elementz for that! Thank you for the idea ! :)

  1. xPeke said...:

    great! gonna be fun for sure :D

  1. alvar_martin said...:

    Listen to this xPeke: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrsRtqHE_-g

    And then to this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_y0LDeJ0yk

  1. Anonymous said...:

    jajaja tu que fumas alvar xD

  1. Skaft said...:

    Sweden, easy win, np.

  1. This comment has been removed by the author.
  1. james said...:

    you forgot team BR

    brasil es #1
    mordekaiser strong man

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I think that Koreans will win whole tournament.
    For only EU: Sweden or Spain.

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