Top European Teams

I will introduce to everyone the Top European Team. I will start with my team obviously ^^

SK Gaming LOL: I started this team time ago. I started with all spanish guys, then we started getting european guys and then we got this sponsor because Oce1ote knew em and SleazyWeazy was some time ago on the past Sk Gaming team. At the moment we are Top1 in the Go4LoL overall ranking. We are: SleazyWeazy and Rashaasii, our pair of tanks, Alth0r and Severus, our pair of AP players, Wickd, our AD carry, nRated and Oce1ote our AD/AP carrys, and finally me, Support player. We already won 9 times the Go4LoL, and 1 time the EMS.

oSk-Gaming LOL: Top2 of the Go4LoL overall ranking. Team created by WetDream. In the past called Birth, now they get new Sponsor. They are: WetDream captain and he plays jungler and AD carry. Mellisan and xPeke (my spanish friend! :) ), AD and AP Carrys. Shushei, AP Carry. Osaft22 Support. CyanideFi the tank, and finally Pingus, Jungle and Tank player. They were 2nd in the EMS and they won the #19 Go4LoL.

Team-aAa LOL: Top3 of the Go4LoL overall ranking. This team was created by Kujaa, with the help of some french guys. At the moment they are 1 of the best european teams. They are: Kujaa, Jungler and Support, wewillfailer, support, sOAZ the AP carry, yellowstar and Candy Panda, AD carrys,  Kok Tidus, AP / Tank, and finally tDarka, the last member, playing AD /Tank heros. They only won 2 Go4LoL's but they also won 3 times the monthly Go4LoL, that is their tourny!

H2K Gaming LoL: This team was created by fusion of Fureur and IR. Top9 of the Go4LoL overall ranking. At the moment they are: Moma AP carry, Maka AP/Tank and Jungler player, Sommie, support, abcDDS tank and support, Play int is ok and Skaft, AD carrys, Beardie AD/Tank. They are realtive a new team but all the member got a huge experience on this game.

Avec Le Style LOL: Top14 of the Go4LoL overall ranking but they are a really good team. Formed by all french players, starting by his leader, Jothy and Antogyn, AP/AD Carry. Skyyart Jungler, Lanaya Support, Lounet8 Tank. Thats the main team. They got a really good teamplay, and some nice tactics.

MTG: Top13 of the Go4LoL overall ranking, full russian team, where you can find the Top1of premade 5on5, Darien, who plays the AP carrys, then Top3 Genja007, AD carry, Top5 Alex Ich, Tank/AP/AD, Zulin support, Irugat jungler. Very good team with really nice skill.

Competo: Top8 of the Go4LoL overall ranking. German team leaded by Forellen-Lord. They were 2nd in the #19 Go4LoL. Competo is formed by: Forellen-Lord and Fisch AP/AD carry, Timson Tank, Unso jungler, Lycades Support, CedeoCedeo AD and Support. They are new team but with a huge potential.
Dimegio LOL: Spanish team, ranked Top16  of the Go4LoL overall ranking. It is formed completly by spanish players, leaded by Babeta and Exterminare. Babeta AP/Tank, Exterminare AD/AP, Inkiop Tank, Hein Tank/jungler, Kaidoh AP/Support and Nainiwa AD carry. They are winning many ESL tournaments without cash.

Then we got some good teams without sponsor, but we cant forget em:

Tunnel Vision (Top11 Go4LoL): Blazzka, Cybermind, Krasavei, Saprik, Crabikus, Razzka, Zadrot.

BroGamers: Myhool, Celay, ShoHot, Hellsraiser, Aerts, Dioud. (They are also recruiting! ^^)

TicTacs Team (Top15 Go4LoL): Fredy122, Havoc24, Plxnochet, Karalius, brrrBrack.

WW1 (Top4 Go4LoL): Hmmer, yellowpete, Johntheman, MiguelBasilio, Mosaiki, Ponchito, Priest.

HighVoltage: IHaveGotThePower, Reyk, Malya, SR Kev1n, Nyph, talol.

New Fureur: toL136, Care Behind U, 360mm, Duts, ShlaYa, Owker, NGP Poilu, Jokirby.
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