European Ladder 17-1-2010

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello everyone! Im here to talk about the European Ladder!  Every Monday I will cover the European Ladder and Top European Teams.

First of all, I will talk about the Premade 3on3. We can find the aAa 3on3 team, in top1 from long time ago. Kok Tidus, wewillfailer and Yellowstar (They also play with kujaa) are in top5 since the start of the season. They are really good 3on3 players. They know all of the 3on3 map, how to counter what, how to play vs that... They would be probably Top1 in the world of the 3on3. Then we can see the 2nd team. Czaru and Arquel, who plays with gangamanpl (Top6). They played more then anyone in 3on3 (More then 300 games together), and they played also really good in 3on3. They always farm so good and they play strange 5on5 heros (Urgot, Signed...)

Now I will talk about the Premade 5on5: We can find Top1 Darien. 1 of the guys from MTG. We can find also Genja007 (The famous Heal carry) as Top3 and Alex Ich (very good guy :) ), Top5, from that team. MTG is a full russian team, Top13 in the go4lol overall ranking but they are much betters then other teams placed in the Top10. We got also Jothy, Top2, a French player from ALS (Top14 in the go4lol overall ranking, but they are a really powerfull new team, in some months, they will be in the Top5 of europe for sure!). And then, I am Top4 ^^. Araneae, captain of SK Gaming team, who didnt played ranked 5on5 since december, because we all get family days, and hard time of study.

Finally I will talk about of the Solo 5on5. Top1 is Linak. Who need an intro of Linak? Everyone knows him, as Top LoL player since the beta. He was Top in the past elo when he was playing with Fureur. Now he is on trials on aAa. Top2 is the french aAa player sOAZ. Really skilled AP player. He can play almost all the AP heros, and some AD too. Really good player. Top3 is Edvin, he is a tank top-lane player. I saw him playing a really good mundo, and really good malphite. Also Rammus and some more tanks too. In Top4 we got Alex Ich, again my Russian friend. He plays almost everyhero (Carry, tank, jungler...) and he can carry almost every team. Finally we got Alex Ich's mate, Darien in Top5. He played so much AP heros.

I will continue doing this next months! I hope you enjoy it guys! Good luck and continue playing the ladders!


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