Improving your Laning - Mini Guide

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Hey guys I translated a nice writedown from my friend BlackSteal so enjoy and learn :P

Original post by: BlackSteal
Translated by: Candy Panda

The Laning phase is one of the most important aspects in LoL and its early game.
Laning usually includes the static remaining on a lane, with a few exeptions. Also laning can have a heavy impact on the later game due to snowballing.
While laning you can run into different scenarios which I will explain one for one. The typical lanes in LoL consists of 1 Toplaner, 1 Midlaner and 2 Botlaners and 1 Jungler. I will use this as standart for the following examples.

If your enemy team decides to play without jungler try to use your jungle advantage and play aggresively since a jungler allows you to turn a 2v2 or 1v1 fight to a 2v3 or 1v2 fight. Also he can hold the lane for you if you have to go back so no experience is wasted.

General thoughts before the game:
The game starts.
Pre Laning Phase

Against which champion I have to lane and am I able to do so?
You always have the choice to swap the lane with your teammates but always remember to keep the 1-1-2 sheme.
If you know beforehand that you wont be able to lane against the champion you will probably face then try to swap your lane or use certain tricks to hold yourself as good as you can
Which of the enemy champions can have influence on my lane and which of my allies have?
You should basically always rely on the fact that the enemy will react properly while your team doesnt, that way you wont encounter situations where you rely too much on your teammates and get dissapointed.
Ezreal, Gankplank, Karthus, Pantheon, Shen, Soraka, Twisted Fate all of those can have direct influence to your lane as soon as they hit level 6 so always keep an eye on the level of these champions and take that into consideration when you want to engage. Also champions who have the summoner spell "teleport" or have abilities that move them quickly around the map(Kassadin, Rammus) can do that.
Which jungler my enemy has and in what way he will be able to gank me?
If I take all these information and box them in 1 packet, then send it to santa claus I will hopefully get enough information back to make myself a plan of how I want to lane the first 10 minutes of the game. I think beforehand if I can stand a Level 1 fight and at which level I will be able to start harrass. An important point here aswell is the item choice. If I know I will lane against a Miss Fortune I will grab the Dorans Shield or the Clotharmor and not the Null-Magic Mantle right? ;)
Im honest, when I play all these things run through my head. I dont write this because I think it COULD be like this, no it should be the standard. Generally I think about those things and I try to look what I can do/cant do in my lane.
If you know what your lane will be like we can go to the next step:

Early Laningphase
First: Is it really the enemy I expected and if not can I even control the lane against the current one?
Often your teammates agree with swapping lanes since they want to win aswell right?
However, you should check following criteria aswell: Enemys starting item, Summonerspells and changes on his base stats. You can try to hit the enemy once and look how fast he regenerates. But for the most part experience will come in handy now. There are 1 million ways a lane could be like and I you cant describe them all.
Anyway I will try to describe the most common ones now:
-A person dominates in every aspect the other one: Lets hope youre the dominating person. If thats the case, use your advantage. Dont push your lane too much, the creeps should be on your side of the lane but not in your tower since then they will get pushed themselves. Try to keep the enemy out of experience and gold range while you get the most gold possible. Your enemy will try to be passive and you dont have to change that. Dont get aggresive even if he backs up to his tower. In most cases that will just backfire on you since you cant get lasthits anymore and youre waaaaaay to far away from any help so the jungler can easily kill you. If you dominate try to keep him out of xp and gold range, nothing more. If you try to kill him you will waste your advantage most likely.
However, if youre the person who gets dominated you should come to following conclusion: First, why did it even come to that? Sure, some laners are better then others but theres no champion who is completly helpless against another. On the other hand you want to keep your loss as small as possible. Most likely your enemy will try to last hit your creeps which will push his creeps sooner or later to your tower. But you should still keep them away from your tower range. This way your lane wont get pushed and you cant be ganked so easily. if you dont get in xp range for 1 or 2 creep waves, then it is like this and theres nothing you can do about it. Better back of first instead of getting killed. if you have no change in a direct fight against him then dont fight.
Harrass vs Fighter: First of all heres my definition of those classes: A harrass champion can poke from long range while having some form of health regeneration, this way he can slowly dominate the lane. Often he likes to trade some hits since he will get his life back easily anyway while you dont. Anyway, the fighter on the other hand has alot of burst potential and is usually stronger in a direct 1v1 fight. However hes fairly weak in terms of regeneration and harrassment.
If your champion is a harrasser you should try to fight a bit. You try to get the enemy so low that even if he wants a direct fight he will loose. This way you get the lane control. The advantage of the harrasser is that if he has the advantage he can usually keep it. if youre the fighter you want to search the direct fight. Lets imagine the follwing. An Ezreal gets harrassed constantly by a Vladimir lvl 5. His creeps are pushing since he has to use Q on the creeps to heal your Mystic shot. You can use ghost and search the direct fight since you know that he is really weak at level 5 due to long cooldowns. Anyway dont chase too long since he can turn it around when his cooldowns are up again.
Generally you can give every champion the tag fighter or harrasser. There are special cases but you cant describe them all.
Try to think of every possibility the enemy has. Generally I recomment to stay passive and farm. Especially against good enemys you get a nice position advantage this way, since he has to walk through your creeps to harass you. Look for his mistakes and use them to your advantage.

Araneae 2 Comming soon!

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My 2nd movie is almost done. I will release it before March. And that's why I post this. Im asking you, what do you expect of my 2nd movie. What heros do you want to see, songs, effects, or "combos". My 2nd movie is almost done, but you can help me in my 3rd movie!

Comment here everything! Thank you all!

Go4lol # 25 Replays

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There u can find the Semifinals and finals of go4lol #25 replays!

Semifinal aAa vs MyR
Final Myr vs SK

Go4LoL #25 ! First rounds

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Here you can see the screen of the first rounds from SK. For the moment, no big surprises.

1ºRound SK vs HOLOL.LOL

2ºRound SK vs redb

3ºRound SK vs Juggernaut.LoL

I will talk of some surprises: First one, Competo is having bad times. They lost again in early rounds. Now vs OverGame, new Spanish/Polish team.

Another Spanish team won a good Germany team, 1 of the 2 Germany EMS finalist, eXpG:

Good Job for these new spanish good teams! :)

Go4LoL #25 ! Coverage

Here you can follow a coverage made by player of Top european teams!

Round start for us starts, at 15.30

See you soon guys!

SK Gaming : Wickd
Liquicity : Alex ich
H2K : Skaft
Dimegio: Kaidoh
ALS: Skyyart
Fureur : ToL136
Tictacs : Karalius

EMS Qualify

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I will write all the info I saw of the EMS Qualify, from the 4 top quialifys. Europe, Spain, France and Germany.

SK-Gaming and myRevenge didn't have to play the EMS cause we scored 1º and 2º places in the last EMS.

The best team from each Qualify are:

Europe: Dignitas.

At the moment nSydia won Dignitas in the 1/4. They won with a global setup (Shen + TF + Ashe). Pekslol carry the game with Twisted Fate, score 10-5 and he destroyed 6 towers.

Germany: Competo

Competo lost vs eXpG in 1/4 with a 15-1 to eXpG. Attackman scored a 6-0 with Sion. In Competo team they all died 3 times, and only 1 kill for Warwick.

Gamed!De lost vs NIMBY team, in a 50min game. Corki carry the team with a 11-1 and Gragas 7-1.

Spain:  Dimegio
Spanish tournament started some hours ago. No good matches yet.

France: aAa

French tournament started some hours ago. No good matches yet.

The 9 Layers of ELO Hell

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Thanks to Kama Toki

1st Layer
(0-300 ELO)

A haze fills the air as you wonder to yourself, "How did i get here?" "Is this even possible?". You wonder if stacking Maladies was such a good idea after all, but in truth it's much more than that. If you're in this layer you're actually suffering the least and you're most likely playing the least too. Chances are you don't use your keyboard to hit abilities and you're a "clicker". Chances are you ignore teammates and attempt to solo towers without minion support. Your allies aren't much different and there is a high chance they aren't even humans in the first place. The closest you could imagine would be a cactus sitting at a computer in the middle of a desert attempting to play this game with you.

Interestingly enough, the language we are so accustomed to speaking is completely absent. The probability that your allies know how to type is a very slim one, and cactus lack the motor skills to type anyway so its a null point. Even the announcer realizes that she's not getting across too well, and has resorted to a system of grunts and low guttural sounds to convey the message every time an ally dies.

This may sound terrible but in essence it's not, you're fine. No stress no worries, your teammates aren't telling you to go die or complaining about how bad you are.Nobody can even type in the first place. You don't even have to worry about your score! This is heaven compared to the lower levels,

2nd Layer
(300-600 ELO)

A faint smell of acrid smoke fills the air and the bitter taste of metal flirts over your tongue. You're in a pretty bad place and you know it. Your allies are definitely human and speaking some foreign dialect you can't understand, chances are they don't even understand each-other, and teamwork is completely absent from any of your strategies. Even so the gameplay bears a very minimum resemblance to an actual game. The entropy of your allies and enemies may bug you a little if you're not used to it, but there's honestly nothing wrong with the game lasting so long that the minions win it by default.

Luckily your teammates still can't yell at you because you don't understand them. I mean they might be yelling at you in Martian but it's not like you care, definitely not as stressful as the depths to come. Mostly because as bad as your allies are, you're pretty much ripping apart the enemy single handedly anyway.

3rd Layer
(600-900 ELO)

Well they started speaking English now, but they have terrible spelling (this is a given). You see this is the true level where all those "BR" players who don't speak English go, and it's a great reason to laugh at all those "I HATE BR" threads, because you know for a fact that those poor souls can't even play the game well enough to distance themselves from other players that don't speak English.

Every once in a while a smurf will roll through, completely decimating not only his enemies, but badmouthing his allies so harshly and aggressively that the phrase "Uninstall" isn't just an insult, it's what all of the teams, half the cannon minions and even a few of the turrets do the minute the game ends. This is quickly followed by all of them swearing to never play LoL again, and within 24 hours most of them return; and by most i mean the population of cannon minions has slowly been decreasing for the last four months, if you're interested in applying please contact Riot.

4th Layer
(900-1200 ELO)

Smell of sulfur everywhere and the oppressive heat is getting to your head, hopefully you get out of here quick...

The "Misplaced Tryhard" level as i like to call it. This ELO range consists of players who are pretty much raging before the game even starts. Chances are the players are also always between the ages of 12-14. They feel that they were misplaced and aren't actually this bad, when in reality they are much much worse. Teamwork once again is LOWER than the previous levels, this is because your teammates are too busy blaming that 9/1 teemo for the loss, or *****ing at that guy who plays AP taric instead of AD.

Whatever they are complaining about, they think they are always right, always the best and always not the one at fault for the loss. If you manage to keep your sanity in this 4th layer, you've already won the game forever, because if you can accept that sometimes maybe sometimes, it was your fault your team lost... then you're always a better player than the 900-1200 range.

5th Layer
(1200-1500 ELO Normal, 1200-1400 Ranked)

It's deep and dark and the flickering piles of burning Evelyns/Jax are everywhere. It smells like the charred bodies of one thousand minions all mixed with excrement. Needless to say it's not a pleasant place to be.

This is the first major "Cutoff Point" Essentially where those champions you have been enjoying for the first 1200 or so ELO become... bad... Evelynn, Jax, Alistar, Urgot... if you pick these guys you get to deal with an entire team *****ing at you, an entire team blaming you and chances are you won't do too hot in the first place. This is where teamwork really starts, and this is where team composition starts mattering. You can't just solo push and win the game with Yi anymore, you have to help your allies too.

Of course you will still be blamed for the loss, or feeding or whatever else. Technically this is the range of "Tryhards" where if you screw up you're going to be reported, if you yell at them for reporting you, you're going to be reported and then banned, if you yell at riot for banning you they nerf your favorite champion to the ground and laugh. That or Guinsoo trolls you and you become the laughingstock of the community for the day. Usually riot enjoys strategically linking the chat logs with the 14+ comments about your mother from the enemy team cut off, and your chat telling them that their mother's niece is a hooker (which happens to be a fact) in plain view.

"This can't be that bad" you say to yourself, but it is. You're going to do badly and you're going to get reported for it and chances are you're going to yell at someone who is yelling at you and bad things will happen. This is pretty much where the most players are "Banned" from, at-least the ones who don't spam allchat with racial slurs.

Games don't end very well here, you're either happy that your team did well and won, or depressed because you lost for some stupid reason. Games here can leave you in a VERY sour mood, in which you will take out your anger on someone else, propagating the process.

6th Layer *Updated*
(1500-1800 ELO Normal, 1400-1600 Ranked)

This is a pretty big range, it's essentially where you stop killing things. Those days of 40 kills on twitch? Well you're only going to get 20 now. Consider your average scores halved on most champions, or on others they can drop as low as 1/4th of what you're used to getting. Everyone is just a better player here, and they die many many times less.

Wards are now popular too, wards are also everywhere. You're now required to spend atleast 300-400g a game on buying shiny little wards to help your team not die as much. Course they were around before, but up here they really explode into commonplace. Everyone swears by the silly things, and everyone will cry, moan and whine if you don't buy one. However these same crying/moaning/whining players actually don't buy wards themselves, and instead stack Dorans rings and overextend, claiming they don't have any item slots to buy wards.

To be honest, you can't be sure if buying wards helps your team win, or having teammates that are intelligent enough to buy wards in the first place proves you have teammates who are more intelligent than average. It's up for debate.

Your build is going to seem much less efficient now, You'll be really sad because suddenly you're not killing as much as you used to, and you're going to think its your fault or they nerfed you or something is wrong with your items. In this ELO range you really can't be happy, you're continuously searching for the correct items and runes and masteries and they just don't work like they used to.

When you get here, get ready to be depressed.

7th Layer

(1800-2100 ELO Normal, 1600-2000 Ranked)

The official "Cutoff Point #2" this isn't just evelynn or jax anymore. This is about 35 Champions now that if you play them you're a "Noob". Reporting, feeding, intentional trolling, and tryhard 5 man teams are pretty much all that exist at this level.

Mostly because 65% of the players who reach this level have to switch mains now from perfectly fine tanks like Rammus, to Shen or Amumu who everyone seems to think are tons better. If you see an Evelynn the chances are it's going to be the best player on your team, even better then you and that Tier 1 champion you've been playing this entire time. The sad fact is, the lack of facing evelynn in the last 600 ELO range means you forget how she even works, and the people who were truely good with her pretty much tear you up. No worries though you'll learn again soon.

The game switches from "lets kill people for gold" to "let's last hit for gold and farm dragon/baron". Champions steamroll and become unstoppable (twitch) and the team who wins is decided from champion select. At this depth of ELO hell it really doesn't matter who your teammates are and how good they are, whoever picks the best team composition wins, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Tier lists are law here, and if you stray from any of them you're reported for intentional feeding. Because everyone is so unwilling to work with non-top-tier champions, that it's pretty much all you're able to do anyway.

8th Layer
(2100-2400 ELO Normal, 2000-2100 Ranked)
The floor is lava
and at this point it doesn't even matter, you're playing pros, or dynamically programmed versions of military human-emulating software. Either way this is the kind of stuff you would pay to watch in a tournament. Players count cooldowns and know exactly where every enemy is at all times. 90% of the map is warded at all times, and the other 10% can't even be warded because it's technically not even reachable by players. (Usually clairvoyance is on rotation in these areas)

If you don't know what's going on you lose, and chances are if you even made it to this ELO you lose. In-fact you lose for just reading about this level of hell. Because the chances you're going to function this well as a team is about Zero in solo queue, you need Vent for this kind of stuff.

This is also the realm of Elementz and his friendly friendly council members, you know what that means! If you play well, essentially getting more than 3 kills on whatever champion you play, while ANY council member is in the game, means that champion is now top tier and every player (and their cactus) will now play that champion. This is because nobody ever dies, ever.

Champions are fully farmed before first blood, and the game lasts 40 minutes before 15 kills even happen. Chances are you fight about 2-3 team-fights and then the game is over, that's it.

Also this is the point where all summoner abilities are useless besides ghost, and ghost. Your new best friend is ghost, you'll dream at night about ghost. Choosing anything else gimps you and means your team will lose. Once i saw a player accidentally pick revive. The result was both teams breaking out into hysterical laughter, The laughter wouldn't stop and soon the paralyzing embarrassment gripped that player like an icy glove. The game lasted an excruciating 25 minutes, no movement besides the constant stream of "HAHAHA" in chat, and the minions pushing each tower individually. At 25 minutes the desperate embarassed player attempted to surrender to escape. At which point he was instantly disconnected, the message "______ Has been Banned" flashing in red across the screen.

You don't pick revive here.

The 9th Layer (2400-???? ELO Normal, 2100-???? Ranked)

I only made it here once on complete accident, and i never wanted to go back. It didn't matter though, i had already ventured too deep.

The second i queued up i knew something was wrong, portions of the League of Legends client began to glitch and frizzle like they were an old TV set, a strong odor of burning.... just burning filled my nostrils. Now i know what Annie means, and i can't bear to imagine she's seen these horrors.

The bells rang for "Click to join queue, or wait 30 seconds" but they were garbled and broken, almost demonic. I chose to wait, i didn't want to go in. So i sat staring at the store for half a minute, with the demonic visage of every purchasable champion staring me down, on impulse i bought evelynn, because her eyes were following me and wanted them to STOP. 30 seconds were up, i was thrust into the game.

But something was wrong, there was no champion selection, it was simply the League of Legends logo appearing on my screen. The screen faded to black and the teams appeared, but there was something wrong here too. There was only one player and it wasn't me. Jesse Perring Hovering in the middle of the screen on the Purple team, a perfect ping of Zero... only a single summoner ability "The Button". Oddly enough he was playing Ryze but without a skin i've ever seen. It was Black and Red and had numbers painted across his chest "666".
Without a ping of course i only saw the screen for a mere second before the game loaded and i realize why the enemy team didn't have players. For this match... his opponent was Ryze-Bot.

Oddly enough my screen was locked upon our nexus, was i the nexus? What was going on? Unlocking my camera i roll over to Jesse, seemingly afk at spawn and examined his skin. It was red and black with this intricate fine-gold lacing across his entire body, just as i zoomed in to examine the book he was carrying "The depths o..." i was interrupted with a a flash as he instantly moves forward a full 10 feet. Flash, Flash, Flash. So quick i was having trouble keeping my camera on him. Within seconds Jesse has reached the mid but Ryze-bot was already there, and within an instant both of them explode in a flash of lightning and thunder, the spells ricocheting across the map and destroying two unlucky turrets that happened to be in the way. The crackling residual energy resounding through the map.

"FIRST BLOOD" the announcer yells and i realize both of them are dead, as-well as a huge crater in the mid where they used to be. Yet only 5 seconds pass and they respawn once again, traveling near instantly to mid one more and detonating upon reaching each-other. Death after death or kill after kill, they were all the same, every time Ryze and Jesse ran to middle and tied, neither besting the other in reaction speed, neither the better player. Yet both of them reacted so quickly i couldn't assure myself they were players, what was jesse perring then?

"Thirty Seconds Until Minion Spawn!" The announcer exclaims in a booming voice. By this time most the turrets on the map had been destroyed, the jungle was actually burning down and some sections of the map were missing entirely, black voids filling the places where the river and golem spawns used to be.

The Clock hits 1:30, and suddenly my camera locks back to the nexus. i Watch as minions spawn... 1 melee minion... 2 melee minions... 3 melee minions.... 1 caster minion.... 2 caster minions....3...and my Camera follows the third Blue-Caster-Minion.

With fear i realize i am the caster minion and i attempt to move "Not enough Mana" a cackling voice exclaims with glee, as my minion slowly trots towards the center lane... the crater.

I watched Jesse pass me three times, and although i couldn't move my camera i heard the explosions and even watched as a stray lightning bolt killed one of the minions in-front of me, a faint scream escaping its lips.

As we neared the middle we watched one more Ryzebot/Ryze-Jesse encounter in all its glory before we were fighting with the opposing minions. It seems i could move now, at least enough to choose who to attack. I knew Ryze attacks are AOE, i knew if they came back we would all die, but i couldn't resist the minion urge to mindlessly throw myself at my enemies.

I chose to attack a lone Purple-Caster-Minion that strayed a bit from the group, and i realized *wincing in pain* that he was attacking me back, hurling small bolts of energy from the tip of his wand. I saw why he was OP, he hit for 16s and not 15s, i was going to die first. As my health bar neared the critical range i lucked out, my allies decided to help and sprayed that PCM with all they had. The echoing wail of a dying minion heard across the battlefield. Before we could gloat in victory i chanced to catch out of the corner of my eye an explosion, and then i saw Jesse.

I wasn't sure how it happened because i could swear i saw the bright flash of lightning before i saw his Ryze, (that can't be possible, he can't move faster than light!), but after the flash all i saw was white. Nothing, the screen had just faded to white.

And in red text across the top, it said
Loss Forgiven
And i knew i would never escape...

LoL: Hannover Invitational with $13,500 prize pot!

Thursday, February 17, 2011 2 comments
League of Legends at CeBIT
Besides the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship, CeBIT in Hannover will also welcome four of the best League of Legends teams. These four teams will play in a very unique system for a prize pot of $13,500 total. Watch the League of Legends Hannover Invitational live on location at CeBIT or follow the matches on a dedicated ESL TV stream!

See the thrilling group stages live on a special ESL TV stream on Friday, and on Saturday the grand final will be live on stage at CeBIT and on the regular ESL TV stream.

League of Legends: The first big offline ESL event

At CeBIT the best of the best in the major eSports games clash for Intel Extreme Masters title. Alongside these eSports legends, a new game gets a shot to prove its potential. Four of the best League of Legends teams will meet at CeBIT to give us all demonstration of their skills.

The teams of the Hannover Invitational:

Against All Authority.LOL
SK Gaming
Team FurIR
myRevenge e.V.

Intel Extreme Masters Hanover Invitational - System:

To see a lot of thrilling matches in Hanover we came up with a modified group stage that will bring even more action than usual. The four teams will start in a usual group of four and play this group in Best of 1. After the group stage is over, the last team will drop out as fourth placed, and the remaining three teams will play a group again to determine the finalists.

Groupstage #1

Groupstage #2

Grand Final

1st: Team A - 3:0
2nd: Team C - 2:1
3rd: Team D - 1:2
Out: Team B - 0:3
1st: Team C - 2:0
2nd: Team D - 1:1
Out: Team A - 0:2
Team C vs. Team D

Prize Money

1st: $4,750
2nd: $2,750
3rd: $2,250
4th: $1,750
Win Bonus: $200

We are looking forward to a thrilling tournament and a great première for League of Legends at an offline ESL event!

New Skins comming!

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League of Legends 5on5 EPS Quali Cup#3

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 0 comments
Here is the third Qualify of the EPS. Here, myR H2K and SK is playing. But we are all in different brackets.

But we dont play more then Semifinal. The 4 teams in the Semifinals go to the EPS big tournament.

Go4LoL #24 ! SK vs myR

Monday, February 14, 2011 4 comments
Finally SK came back winning our 11th Go4LoL. No one though we could win that tournament (in wickd stream everyone though myR will rape us >.<), after our games in the QuadraKill. But after some bad weeks of examns, and having big problems in last Go4LoL's for disconections, we won it!

SK Picks: Nunu, Gragas, Ashe, Soraka, Akali.
myR Picks: Anivia, Swain Taric Sivir Rammus.

We start just warding and defending our jungle cause our level 1 fight was really weak. Then, at minute 3 Rashaasii (Gragas) almost kill xPeke (Swain) top (less then 20hp after ignite) but then he tried to lasthit Swain and xPeke ignited him and tower hit Gragas once, so he died for the ignite! GG Rashaasii :D

Bot lane was just farming lane. Sleazy ganked once and we could kill Taric diving so hard (I get the kill with Soraka :'( ) They also ganked so much top Rashaasii, who died so much in the early game. In a mid teamfight, they did a 4-2 (they killed 4 of us while we only killed 2), but then they tried Drake, and we went to stop em in time. They ran out, and we did Drake, and push lanes.

After that we start leading the game, and doing some good teamfights with Ashe Arrow. We won in a 35 min game.

Go4LoL #24 ! aAa vs myR

aAa Picks: Karthus Corki Soraka Nunu Malphite
myR Picks: Taric Shen Malzahar Morgana Ashe

Early game started with a slight disadvantage for us, by them getting 2 kills on us in the lvl 1 fight.
With that and Karthus beeing an amazing champion for early mid game, they had the upper hand at first.
This didn t change too soon with Malphite grabbing 3 kills at one of the early dragon fights.
That gave us a hard time initiating, especially since all of aAa rushed a Banshee's Veil against Morgana Bindings and Ashe Arrows.
Mid game was mostly dominated by farming, poking and wanking around at Baron, because both teams were kinda scared of the others doing it real quick.
After some time and even more farming, we slowly took the upper hand, by Ashe beeing such an amazing Lategame Carry and Karthus getting weaker and weaker in lategame.
At some point, we managed to win a fight and secure a Baron afterwards, which enabled us to destroy several towers.
With only the Inhibitor turrets left on their side, it didn t take too much time, until the first Inhibitor also fell.
At that point they couldn t leave base anymore and with another Baron we managed to finish it.
Thank you for the info to Mellisan, player of myRevenge.

Here is the screen:

Go4LoL #24 ! SK vs 7w.LoL

Sunday, February 13, 2011 0 comments
We won 7w.LoL french guys. They started asking to postpone but admins said not. So we played vs em with this setups:

SK Picks: Malphite Akali Nunu Soraka MF
7w.LoL Picks: Anivia Irelia Ezreal Taric Amumu

We let again Akali mid, but he died in minute 2 like a BOSS. He just stayed letting anivia autoattack him, ignited and dead :D It was so funny :)

The rest of the much wasnt hard. We ward everything and did some good ganks. Nunu ganked mid thousand of times, so Akali could outfarm her.

This is the screen of the match, and now final vs myR:

Go4LoL #24 ! SK vs Gamed

SK Picks: Nunu Ashe Soraka Shen Akali
Gamed Picks: TF Sion Taric Warwick Malphite

Gamed new sponsor, for old High Voltatge, really good team with almost all Germany players. They picked a really CC setup, with all stuns. We were so focud in the early game, dodging level 1 fight (3stuns) and at level 6 they got 5 stuns. Akali had to enter in the battle always the last guy.

They did 1st drake but we after kill em. They did a really good early game ganking so hard SleazyWeazy (Shen) in top lane with Warwick, Malphite and TF. In mid game we did some good teamfights. Then we pushed till tower, but they respawn and kill some of us and they did Nashor.

But we already got a really big advantatge, so we continue pushing till win the game. Good match vs a really annoying Stun Setup.

Go4LoL #24 ! SK vs eXpG

We won vs eXpG. We use again the same tactic but with Kassadin instead of Akali.

Training Galio top, AP carry mid, AD + Support bot, and Nunu jungling.

Now we will face a new good team, Gamed, germany guy. They were High Voltatge before.

Score vs eXpG

Go4LoL #24 ! SK vs AS

After 1 hour of discussing with the admins, cause we waited for em like 30 min and my team was pissed of waiting. So after picks and bans we waited 10 more times while they said they were going to change picks (10 mins for picks?). But what ever, admin said to play the match. We played and won:

Go4LoL #24 ! 3º Round

We won vs The Absolute Worst, with a nice score of Oce1ote, 15-0-4 Akali.

Go4LoL #24 ! 1º and 2º Rounds

We didnt play the first match. New Go4LoL with 256 teams let us free round.

Second match we won vs Reality Defined:

Rest of the tournament were normal.

H2K gave freewin to other team cause they couldnt play.

Also want to talk about good new team, they already played last go4lol: nSydia

Go4LoL #24 ! Coverage

Here you can follow a coverage made by player of Top european teams!

Round start for us starts, at 15.30

See you soon guys!

SK Gaming : Wickd
oSk Gaming : xPeke - Shushei
aAa : WebTV
Liquicity : Alex ich
H2K : Skaft
Dimegio: Kaidoh
Fureur : ToL136
Tictacs : Karalius

QuadraKill Series

Friday, February 11, 2011 2 comments

Quadrakill Series

Hell, It's about time!

With the help of our European Emissary gluecks and h2k's flyy, CLGaming is bringing a brand new tournament series to you. Watching two coordinated teams clash in combat is impressive, everyone can agree on that. Even more impressive is four high level teams competing for glory in a tournament with real prizes on the line!

The four teams currently dominating competitive play in Europe will duke it out in a single elimination tournament, with all games shoutcasted by HotshotGG!
For the finals we have a special treat for you: Joining HotshotGG will be no other than THE one and only Phreak! This is going to be Phreak's debut on shoutcasting a European event, so stay tuned and look forward to that! :-)

  • Saturday 12th - 9pm CET (Central Europe) / 3pm EST (East Coast) / 12pm PST (West Coast)
  1. Game A: myR vs. *aAa* - Bo1
  2. Game B: h2k Gaming vs. SK Gaming - Bo1
  3. 3rd Place Match: Loser Game A vs. Loser Game B - Bo1
  4. Finals: Winner Game A vs. Winner Game B - Bo3

  • Bans: 1-2-2-1
  • Picks: 1-2-2-2-2-1 Exclusive
  • Each team will have 90 seconds per ban/pick round. If the time runs out on a ban, the ban is lost. If this happens during a pick round, the team may be disqualified. The bans & picks will be done in QuakeNet IRC.

How about a magic trick?

We have also planned a little raffle for you guys. If you want to take part in it then make sure to be in #clgaming during the event.

  • Right before the Finals
  • QuakeNet IRC #clgaming
  • 1x Bigfoot Networks Killer™ 2100 Gaming Network Card
  • 1x Bundle of your choice (Collector's Edition, Champion Bundle, RunePage Bundle)
  • 1x Legendary Skin of your choice

This Quadrakill Episode is organized by gluecks, flyy and Vodoo and sponsored by Riot Games. If you have any suggestions/feedback, let us know!

Maokai Art Spotlight and Leaked Skins

Thursday, February 10, 2011 1 comments
Hello everyone.

The New Art Spotlight is out and can be seen here:

So, the more important news is that you can see some tabs open in his Photoshop that are named like this:

So, we can probably see the Skin Punk Twitch and Totem-Maokai in the next patch. Theres a tab called "Blind Monk" aswell so we can see how that turns out. Maybe a hint that he will get released soon?

3D Skin Viewer

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 10 comments

Hey Guys!

If you ever wondered how a skin looks ingame use this website to check it out!

Who is ... Oce1ote?

Interview to Oce1ote
Name:  Carlos Rodríguez Santiago
Date of birth: 15/06/1990
Town:  Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain
Other games nicks and ratings: Atm just playing LoL, oce1ote.
Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I’m a person who just have one thing in mind, to be the best or one of the best in everything I do, both IRL n’ eSports environment.
When did you start to play online games?
Woah, when I was about 12, playing CS, like everyone I guess...
How did you choose your nickname? Tell us more about your old nicknames please.
I just always were ocelote. When i used to play CS, I just taken the dictionary and the first word I saw was the one I was gonna use for my nickname. Ofcourse the name changed several times between ocelotE-, oce1ote, ocelot3 and some stupid 1337 stuff.
I’m just oce1ote now, ‘cos ocelote was already taken, so i was like a little bit fucked up :p
Can you describe your play style?
When I was a proffessional WoW player, I was probably the best warrior of the world ‘cos i always knew when to be offensive, and when to be defensive; and I guess I want the same in LoL.
The problem is that I didn’t reached the skillcap yet, like I did in wow, but in some time, if I carry on playing i’m pretty sure i’ll reach it.
75% offensive 25% defensive almost.
Who is currently the best LoL player in your eyes? And the best clan?
In my eyes, based in my fair opinion, when I have fun playing this game, I’m the best EU lol player by far. Dunno about Americans, we’ll see in ‘End of the Seasson tournament’.
And the best EU team, my team, SK Gaming.
Btw, Sleazyweazy is the best OVERALL player imo.
Tell us more please about your in-game strengths and weaknesses.
Weaknesses : Map control. Attitude with randoms.
Strengths : Teamfights. Comebacks.
People always ask for some tips. What is the best advice you can tell them?
How much time do you spend on LoL per day/week? What do you think about all this time you spend online?

Uhm, i play an average time per week of about 14h (counting that I don’t play in weekends). To be honest, I’m not embarrassed about that, mainly ‘cos my Real Life just can’t be better. Football, culture, studies, party, girls, friends, family... I spend on that almost all of my life.
Let’s talk about your clan. Where are most of the players from, who are the good players and the n00bs, who’s the leader, why are you in this clan, when did you join, etc.? And give us the link to your website please!
Sleazy, Rated n Sev r from GER, n when they talk they seem annoying.
Althor is a frenchy Gaylord guy, he likes turtles.
Wickd is from somewhere in the north of Europe, I guess he doesn’t even know from where he is.
Rashaashi is from .. ‘denmark’?¿ Idk, but his internet connection it’s like a spanish one.
Ara n me r’ from Spain, and I met him ‘cos he added me to facebook  looking for sex.
There are no noobs here, we are SK Gaming.
Teamleader, Araneae.
Gameleader, Everyone of us.
I’m here ‘cos i was with Araneae in Dimegio, when we were a full spanish team; and i carried on training to become the best, that’s why i’m still here.
I was the 2nd joining SK Gaming, firstly Dimegio, Araneae is the 1st, always commanding the team.
Are you looking forward to playing a game that is not LoL?
Diablo 3, with my WoW buddies.

----- Just you, the guy behind the player -----
Let’s talk a bit about you. What do you have planned in your real life in the next weeks/months/years?
Weeks : Train at football. Carry on studying. Buy a castle for my sons.
Months : Get money for summer holidays. Win the football league i’m actually playing.
Years : Be fucking rich, i’ll reach that no matter what ‘cos i’m a winner.
Can you tell us what your daily schedule is?
8:30 / I wake up and eat breakfast. Go out with my puppy for 10min or so, and then full study until 14:00.
After eating, it’s the playtime, where i play LoL, Fifa11 ps3, CoD.... or if i’m freakin’ tired, siesta.
Then, at 19:00 i need to leave to the football training until 22:30.
After that, dinner n’ a bit of LoL ‘til I go to sleep.
In weekend... Friday n Saturday night party, next day i usually have a football match at something like 10:00 in Mordor, so I don’t even have time to sleep properly.
Then i sleep 3h n’ then play football.
After eating, i go with my girl ‘til the night, see Real Madrid n Barcelona football matches, n then party again.
Do you have brothers/sisters? A Girlfriend/wife/husband? Do they play online games too?
A brother, 14yo... he’s joining the puberty; so he’s becoming annoying.
I’ve also a GF, but it’s something strange, not really a gf.
My brother plays Black Ops ps3, n my ‘GF’ doesn’t even know what a keyboard is.
What are your hobbies (except age games or computer)?
Obvious answer, football :p
Girls, sports in general, listening to music, going shopping alone, go with my puppy somewhere....
Can you tell us what computer you have (keyboard, graphic card, memory, etc.)?
Keyboard: G-something. I just don’t know the name but it seems that it costs 120€ or so.
Mouse : Steelseries Ikari Master iron.lady.
Headset: No headset, i play with monitor’s sound.
Monitor: hp 2159m 23” or smth like that, full HD.
Graphic card: fucking shitty NVidia Geforce 8800GTS 256mb
RAM: 3gb
Motherboard: fucking shitty ASUS P5KC
MP: Intel Quad Core Q6600
What car do you have, or what car are you planning to buy?
Actually, my car is some Hyundai shit, but atleast it’s mine. Then i use the Megane of my mom, n i’m just waiting for my dad to lemme use his ML420 :ppppp
The car i would like to have in the future? IDK, ‘cos in the future everything ‘ll be different, but atm, i like Merceces CLC Sportcoupé.
The first thing you do in the morning when you wake up? The last thing before you go to sleep?
Firstly i wake up with my right step on the ground J
Before i go to sleep.... i wank myself NO LOL. I clean my teeths.
Hottest girl on this earth?

Jennifer Aniston
Hottest guy on this earth?
If i can’t say myself, i would say RICARDO DOSANTOS IZECSON ‘KAKÁ’ (I belong to Kaká).

Or... Royston R. Drenthe, son of wind.

----- Word Association -----
Please answer with the first word that comes to your mind.  

Morde?  fuck
LoL?  easy
Riot? ignore
Noob?  Solo q
Pro Gamer? me
ranked? chorizo
HoN? wannabe
Araneae?  Iker Casillas
Annoying? Solo q. Wickd.
patches? Nice!
3v3? what?
Starcraft? chinese
Skill?  me

----- Special questions -----
What is your favorite word?  win
What is your least favorite word?  wickd
What sound or noise do you love? When u throw the coke from the bottle to the glass, the ga’s sound fluttering around.
What sound or noise do you hate?  When wickd’s go cocky. ‘Dude, i’m dominating the lane’, when he’s something like 0-2-1 and just had one more creep than his opponent, which is 2-1-0
What profession would you like to do?  Investor
What profession would you not like to do? Teacher.
Most embarrassing moment?  I never get embarrassed. Well, mb when i was like 14yo n i just thrown a fart in the middle of my Spanish’s languaje’s class. Everyone was laughing at me; now i’m laughing at em ‘cos their lifes suck. 

Please tell us a joke. 
Just one?
Grandma, how do u like the eggs? – BOUNCING OFF THE PUSSY.
That men may have a lot of money, but there’s something he’ll never be able to buy: A dinosaur.
Open the flute page 13.
Davids Harlinson (Harley Davison)
Cristiano Ronaldo es de madeira, como pinocho.
My  flat is more cold than the Gudjohnsen’s baptism.
Ozil: el sapo biónico
Ok, ok... i stop.
I didn’t ask all the possible questions…So can you ask yourself a question and answer it?
Anything else you would like to add?
Tutambaúl, patacrocket, lamomia, pelograsa. El trully ‘7’ of Andorra.
Thank you very much for your time.
It's no problem, thanks to you for investing time on me.

Replay Mode

Here you can get the replay mode:

New Hero Jarvan Skills

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 1 comments

Look at that smirk. Jarvan KNOWS he's bad-ass.

Jarvan IV

Initiator Support DPS / Release Date: March 1

Jarvan is the Demacian bad-ass your momma warned you about. If champions look up to Garen for his righteous epicness, then Jarvan IV is the one Garen looks up to— Jarvan screams “DEMACIA!” in not one, but two different ways. He was the first to take down Baron Nashor and bring him to the League, and in his spare time, Jarvan enjoys slaughtering dragons, skinning them for their scales and attaching their teeth to his armor and golden lance. His lance can split apart into multiple segments, and is constantly rotating like a drill—he’s basically wielding a gyrating dragon’s tail. Jarvan is a pompous warrior, maybe even flamboyant—but don’t let him hear you say so, or he’ll bury you six feet deep.

When we saw Jarvan, he was in a very early stage of development, so the designers were tossing around ideas for abilities that are worthy of Jarvan’s epic stature. He was actually first sketched over three years ago, and it’s finally time to bring this decked-out, over-the-top dragoon to the Field of Justice. A sort of foil to Swain, the Master Tactician, Jarvan is a Demacian prince who may have his family lineage explored in later updates.

The first sketch of Jarvan.


  • A possibility for Jarvan’s Q ability is a single-target nuke where Jarvan dashes towards and through an enemy, straight to the person behind the target, like the Demacian Goku. This would enable Jarvan to dash through tanks so he can get straight to cutting up the fragile DPS or support champions hanging out in the back during teamfights.
  • Another potential ability would have Jarvan hurling his lance like a giant spear, impaling an enemy champion. The throw is so powerful that the lance would plant in the ground behind them, where it would transform into a flag that buffs allies. Jarvan can pick the lance back up, ala Olaf’s axe throw, but enemy champions have an opportunity to burn the flag before he gets the chance to.
  • Epic. Jarvan’s ultimate has him leap into the air and slam down lance-first into an enemy champion within range. Upon impact, an arena springs up from the ground to create a one-on-one duel between Jarvan and his unfortunate nemesis. This sounds like a combination of Pantheon’s and Poppy’s ultimate abilities, although it was undecided if the ultimate will be global or how long the duel would last.
  • Jarvan’s passive is designed to support his playstyle: initiate fights with the enemy, run into the fray hitting everyone a little bit (rather than single-target DPS), and keep on going ‘til the opposing champions are wiped out. His passive lets him deal extra damage to champions with 70% or more of their maximum health, meaning Jarvan players have the incentive to change targets rapidly in a fight, softening them a bit and then moving on to the next and letting their teammates clean up the rest. The developers were also toying with the idea of giving him an innate slowing debuff on his auto-attacks, to encourage players to tag as many enemy champions as possible to maximize his effectiveness.

Riot has been very steadily delivering new champions to their wide fanbase. It’s clear that the developing team has only gotten better with practice, as very few champions have been released in a completely broken or unbalanced state lately. Even if these champions don’t end up having these exact abilities, it’s enlightening to get a snapshot of how they played during development. What do you think of the two upcoming champions? Do they sound like a day-one purchase, or will you save your IP for bigger and badder?

New Hero Moakai abilities!


Moakai, The Twisted Treant
Ranged Support / Release Date: February 15


"It was a normal day on Twisted Treeline, with champions battling each other in the forest paths until a powerful arcane spell missed its intended target and crashed into random tree. The energies of the spell animated the tree, and Moakai was born. And he was pissed. Tormented by his newfound consciousness and pulsing with volatile magic, Moakai’s looking to take out his frustration by smashing some enemy champions with his massive tree-trunk arm."


Moakai was designed to be a ranged initiator/support champion. The devs expect him to excel when paired up with a champion who can make up for his lack of sustained DPS, much like Taric and Janna rely on a good lane partner. His ultimate is sure to come in handy during teamfights, as area-of-effect (AoE) spells are critical in the late game.


Q: Moakai’s arms resemble Hellboy’s: one average sized, one large enough to knock out an elephant. Moakai’s Q makes him slam his trunk-arm into the ground, sending a shockwave rippling through the earth towards the enemy. The shockwave acts as a line nuke, similar to Ezreal’s Essence Flux (W) ability. Originally, the wave resembled Kassadin’s Force Pulse (E) and granted Moakai bonus armor, but the result was a messy spell that just didn’t fit.

W: His bread-and-butter initiating move. Moakai explodes into a multitude of arcane splinters, phasing out of existence for a brief moment in order to reform at the feet of an enemy champon, growing out of the ground underneath them to damage and root them in place for a few seconds. This ability is single-target (imagine if Master Yi’s Alpha Strike (Q) stunned a champion instead of jumping between enemies) and is not channeled, as Moakai ceases to exist during the spell, similar to Alpha Strike.

E: Like the Vulture’s spider mines from Starcraft. Moakai plants an acorn into the ground, which lies in wait for a unfriendly passerby. Once it’s found a target, the acorn will pop out of the ground and run to the enemy champion, exploding for light AoE damage when it gets there. This is great for traps, keeping an eye on enemy movements in the jungle and useful in team fights due to its small AoE damage. It can also be used as a scouting tool, similar to Teemo’s Noxious Trap (R), but Moakai will be much more limited in the number that he can place.

R (ultimate): Moakai’s ultimate ability fits right into the current meta-game, where teamfights often decide who wins or loses a match. Think of it as the defensive version of Anivia’s Ultimate. Moakai creates a placeable AoE that drains mana per second while active. Allied champions standing in the area will receive more and more Magic Resist as the spell absorbs damage. It can be maintained as long as Moakai has enough mana, but it’s costly, so we never had it on for more than 6 or so seconds. When the ability is toggled off, Moakai’s cooldowns will be reduced according to how much damage was absorbed during the spell. If you soak up enough spell damage, you can reach a threshold that will, in essence, allow you to double-cast your other abilities as magic flows back into Moakai.

Passive: Moakai’s passive gives him some decent staying power early on in the laning phase, when champions are casting spells to ensure last-hits and harassment. He gains increased health regeneration when champions near him (enemy or ally) cast spells.

Go4LoL #23 ! SK vs LLL

Sunday, February 6, 2011 13 comments
We lost this match due to Disconnects. Everytime we were 5, we kill em easy. Then 1 guy disconnect and they harrass us so hard.

LLL won a not deserve game.

Good luck for all the teams.

Respected team:

Our Lions have destroyed SK-Gaming! We're through to the quarter finals (Round 5) where we have to face tictacs, our last opponent between us and our first Go4LoL final!

Go4LoL #23 ! 2ºRound

Everything was fine like the first round. All the good teams continue in the go4lol.

We won vs CT:

Go4LoL #23 ! 1º Round

We won the first round vs Starks, Germany team, in a fast game.

Also, aAa werent 5 players so they give a forfeit to the enemies.

PooGaming did the same.

Go4LoL #23 ! Coverage

Here you can follow a coverage made by player of Top european teams!

Round start now, at 14.00

See you soon guys!

SK Gaming : Wickd
oSk Gaming : xPeke - Shushei
aAa : WebTV
Liquicity : Alex ich
H2K : Skaft
Dimegio: Kaidoh
Fureur : ToL136
Tictacs : Karalius

Special attention to these new teams: High Voltage
                                                        CheeseCake Factory
                                                        Poo Gaming

Tencent has bought Riot Games for about $400 million

Saturday, February 5, 2011 0 comments
Tencent, the giant Chinese Web holding company, has bought Los Angeles-based Riot Games for about $400 million.

It’s yet another big-dollar buyout for the game industry, which has been in an M&A frenzy for about a year, and one of the biggest investments by a Chinese company in an American digital property.

The transaction was first reported by Bloomberg, and Riot confirmed the deal to VentureBeat, though neither outlet has the financial details. Here’s how they break down, according to people familiar with the transaction:

Tencent, which had already invested in the game-maker, will pay “just south” of $400 million to buy out other investors, primarily Benchmark Capital and FirstMark Capital, who along with angels had put approximately $18 million into the company.

The company’s management team will receive some portion of that buyout themselves, but will also retain an equity stake; some will receive “stay packages.”

The total investment values the company at $472 million.

The chief appeal for Tencent is Riot’s League of Legends game, which is free to play initially, but which encourages players to pay up for skills, equipment, etc, via micro-transactions.

In that sense it’s like Zynga’s Farmville and other popular social games. But it’s a much more sophisticated game with arcade-style action: Think of World of Warcraft, on steroids and amphetamines.

The deal follows a string of Web-based game deals in the last year. Among the more notable ones: Walt Disney purchased Playdom, Electronic Arts purchased Playfish and DeNA purchased Ngmoco.

Another info: China Digital Times

Who is ... Rashaasii

Thursday, February 3, 2011 10 comments
 Interview to Rashaasii

Name: Adam Olofsson
Date of birth: 1988-03-04
Town: Växjö
Other games nicks and ratings: Just LoL and SC2 for now. If some pimp game releases I’ll ofc play that too.
 Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Hmm, don’t like this part. But guess I say something personal here; Disoriented guy who aren’t really sure what to do with his own life. Think too much for my own good.
When did you start to play online games?
Lets see now.. what did I start with.. hmm! First it was WC3 TFT at age of 14 or something, played some customs and ladder games with friends. Dota was one of the favourite’s ofc. Then i started playing either EVE online or WOW, not sure which was first. Then I played some Everquest II for a while. And then back to WOW and EVE online again.
How did you choose your nickname? Tell us more about your old nicknames please.
My nick Rashaasii i directly adopted from my Everquest II elf. Just thought out a random name that sounded a little special and was easy recognizable.
Can you describe your play style?
I’ve always liked tanks. Played warrior in WOW my entire time there. Though, I was warrior dps, dual wield, kinda what I am now, tank who like to put out damage. Same for all other RPG games I’ve played, mostly picked warrior/tank class there.
Who is currently the best LoL player in your eyes? And the best clan?
sOAZ is the best I think, diverse player who can play most champs, and also play them good. The best team is of course my own, our SK-gaming team!
Tell us more please about your in-game strengths and weaknesses.
I’m very good at lane controlling. If I’m against a little easier target, I usually try to take down their HP to the point where jungler is unable to gank. Cause if the enemy laner follows, I’ll prolly kill him when he is attempting to help. I’m aggressive, and I usually strike people when they aren’t aware. I also know what my champions are capable of, I know when I can dive, when to gank, when to strike when I see a kill. My biggest weakness is that I hate to play passive, Cho’gath is a easy gank at top lane, and I usually push to much sometimes. Which gives enemy team a good chance for gank. But if I’m gragas or malph it’s no problem, lots of escape abilities that are hard to handle.
People always ask for some tips. What is the best advice you can tell them?
Learn what your champs can do, play against lots of champs and learn what to do against each of them. When laning, try to get to the point to creep skip the other if it’s possible, keep pressure on the other laner at all times. Always try to have the laner enemy at lower health then yourself, which makes ganks a lot easier, at some point your team jungler can dive the tower for kill. Or even better, you kill him yourself. Lots of people focus mostly on last hitting, but imo, it’s better to try to dominate the laner, at the point where he cant creep, or even make exp from creeps. Focus the champ more than the creeps. Also as I said before, enemy team jungler is unable to gank if enemy laner is low on hp. That’s why I always have my ignite on me, I get enough of burst for these situations. I just hate playing teleport as top laner, sure it’s good at some points. But you cant make kills at lane with it and is useless in teamfights. Ignite is the last piece you need to make the enemy drop that last 200 hp for kill. Screw defensive playing, offensive ftw J
How much time do you spend on LoL per day/week? What do you think about all this time you spend online?
I don’t spend a shit of playing atm L Recently moved to a student hall, and fucktards are downloading constant, so I cant really play at the weeks anymore, which is really annoying. I’m not really sure what to answer at the second thing. Sure, if you get professional, at least I see some point in playing. But there is other creative things you can do except playing video games. It’s fun and all to play, but not something I would like to see myself do as 40 years old. I’m sure gonna to try to cut down my time spent online soon.
Let’s talk about your clan. Where are most of the players from, who are the good players and the n00bs, who’s the leader, why are you in this clan, when did you join, etc.? And give us the link to your website please!
Nrated and Sleazy are from germany, Oce1ote and Araneae from Spain, Alth0r france, Me myself from Sweden, Severus germany too. And Wickd is from Denmark. Aren’t any noobs in team, haha, big word for a top team. You think we got noobs in it? Kinda retarded right? :D Araneae is the leader. Nrated often throws out commands in matches also.
It started out with me and Nrated, both were kinda teamless, and Araneae ofc saw us spanking some ass at some point and thought “Lets invite them! They are fucking godlike!” And so he did, after that we won some Go4lol, and the Dimegio domination began. Some weeks/months later becoming part of the famous SK-gaming.
Are you looking forward to playing a game that is not LoL?
Diablo 3 will be really cool to play. That is probably the game I look forward to the most. I’m not super hyped about it, but yeah, it will be great.

----- Just you, the guy behind the player -----
Let’s talk a bit about you. What do you have planned in your real life in the next weeks/months/years?
Weeks - Doing some studies, try finding some new guys I can hang out with in the new city I moved to. Months – Find a way to make studies, friends, partys, training, gaming work along good together.
Years – Finding myself and the meaning of life!
Can you tell us what your daily schedule is?
Boring as fuck. Some seminary at school, go home and make a little studies, and then mostly spending time at the computer. Going to find a nearby gym soon, and continue my way for a pimp body.
Do you have brothers/sisters? A Girlfriend/wife/husband? Do they play online games too?
I have a sister and brother, neither of them plays a lot of computer or console game. My brother plays a little.
What are your hobbies (except age games or computer)?
Music, and as I told, gonna start gym again. Will hopefully start partying soon too. Psychology interests me also, that’s what I’m studying atm.
Can you tell us what computer you have (keyboard, graphic card, memory, etc.)?
Some poor ass shit keyboard, old Logitech. Graphic card is Radeon HD 4800. Intel E8500 processor. 2GB ram. G500 Logitech mouse.
What car do you have, or what car are you planning to buy?
I got a Volvo V40 turbo at home at the moment. 175 horse power, works! But probably gonna sell it now when I’m studying, too expensive to have. And I would love to have some kind of Porsche in the future.
The first thing you do in the morning when you wake up? The last thing before you go to sleep?
Uhm, breakfast? Last thing, I spank the salami.
Hottest girl on this earth?
This girl I recently found is a strong competitor, and because she also lives in Sweden, I say her.
Hottest guy on this earth?
Oh man.. there is a lot of guys who got good looks, can’t really tell hottest, I’m not gay L

----- Word Association -----  
Please answer with the first word that comes to your mind.
Morde? Big clump of metal. 
LoL? Laughing out loud. 
Riot? Phreak and his cute videos.
Noob? Someone who don’t got a brain.
Pro Gamer? Someone who make money on gaming.
ranked? ELOO!
HoN? Game which is over hyped by 14 year olds.
Araneae? A yelling Spaniard. Love the guy in general tho.
Annoying? Play some games in LoL, and you will problably find what I mean.
patches? Sometimes good, sometimes annoying.
3v3? Map who is dying.
Starcraft? Marine arena!
Skill? Something you need to spank others.

----- Special questions -----
What is your favorite word? FUCK!
What is your least favorite word? I have no clue.
What sound or noise do you love? When it’s raining outside on a plastic roof (summerhouse?) and it’s all warm and cosy inside.
What sound or noise do you hate? When someone is touching this material you had above your car seats when you were little. Getting chills by hearing that.
What profession would you like to do? Not sure! But something cool.
What profession would you not like to do? Outhouse toilet cleaner
Most embarrassing moment? Haha, when I was caught wanking by my little sister some years ago. The fucker sneaked in when I thought she was outside. I was fast putting my beast into the pants tho.
Please tell us a joke. I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger; Then it hit me.
I didn’t ask all the possible questions…So can you ask yourself a question and answer it?
Yeah you forgot the most important question…
Is Linak a kid? He sure is.
Anything else you would like to add?
Thank you very much for your time.


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