Go4LoL #23 ! SK vs LLL

Sunday, February 6, 2011
We lost this match due to Disconnects. Everytime we were 5, we kill em easy. Then 1 guy disconnect and they harrass us so hard.

LLL won a not deserve game.

Good luck for all the teams.

Respected team: http://lowlandlions.com/index.php/article/285/read

Our Lions have destroyed SK-Gaming! We're through to the quarter finals (Round 5) where we have to face tictacs, our last opponent between us and our first Go4LoL final!


  1. Hameleon said...:

    It's not their fault

  1. alvar_martin said...:

    Its not, but they didnt show us a fair play. 1 disconnect, harrassing us.

  1. eXeL0L said...:

    gg for destrying lol

  1. troll said...:

    gg LLL, best team EU, pwned so hard SK.gaming wow...

  1. h04x said...:

    Loss = Loss, LLL can't help your DC issues, and if you would've had DC I'm sure LLL wouldn't post a pathetic blog post saying 'IT WAS DISCONNECTS!! SK DIDNT SHOW FAIR PLAY!'

    LLL won fair, first blood, first team battle won, then vladimir disconnected on SK side and LLL started taking more and more advantage
    but before they also were winning.

  1. h04x said...:

    on LLL site i read this:
    This means after three matches our five allstars continue through to the next match (Round 4), where they will now have to face one of European's best teams, SK-Gaming. This will definitely be the hardest match our guys have to play (so far), and hopefully result in a win!

    so they do show u respect..what're you crying about..pathetic SK ego lol, u lose once and u show no respect yourself..

  1. alvar_martin said...:

    This match wasnt stream. So the comment of h04x is just a guy from LLL.

    Fair Play: Someone disconnect you wait and ask whats wrong, not harrass the other team and kill em.

    First team battle? I only remember 1 5on5, and we won it. Rest, was 2vs5, 3vs5 or things like that.

    We were for 4 minutes 5, and what sap there? You played defensive, we won a teamfight, we took nashor and again more DC's.

    And I show respect if they show respect to me. In the match they didnt, and in the site also. Sneakymonster talked to me but now this is too much. Someone of LLL come here to trash talk. So fun!

  1. INTELCORE said...:

    lol SK u mad?? :D

    LLL congratulations, I followed the livestream and it was GG for you guys. As mentioned above already by h04x, this was a fair win for you guys! Don't let Araneae's big ego
    confuse you, it was a fair win!! :)

    Araneae: Learn to deal with losses! LLL won fair!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    All LLL vs Araneae, so it's fight lose. We will see in the next Sk vs LLL without DC's ;)

  1. INTELCORE said...:

    Actually match was streamed at http://www.livestream.com/sneakymonster :)

    h04x is gamelux.nl member!! So am I, don't talk shit about LowLandLions if you don't know what you're saying. They are very respectful team, always very friendly ingame and helping a lot of Dutch members become better LoL players on gamelux.nl!

    You did have dc issues (which always sucks), but I saw on LLL strema they also lag.

    On their site they say very good things of SK, best european team :), so they show respect.

  1. alvar_martin said...:

    For me, they didnt show respect in-game with the harrass when we were 4. Even in the Site, if you want to continue spamming here go ahead ^^

  1. Ponchito said...:

    So many haters. As you saw LLL arent good enough to beat SK. They lost next game vs tictac. But well dc can make miracles you know :D

  1. Karalius said...:

    we avenged you guys ! too bad you had to go down to dc's

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