Personal Interview to Shushei

Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Question: Can you explain the community exactly what's up with aAa? In aAa site, said that you were just in trials, is that true? Are you going to recieve the money that you won there?

Shushei: Well aparently Drijooka says that i was Trial but seems like he messed up some facts . (at least i belive so) Also i didnt leave AAA over night as he said it. A day before or on day of  monthly #3(i think it was 3rd one) i said to team that I dont fell comfortable about them speaking mostly in French. Kujaa and Wewillfailer took some action and promised me that team would use more english than they did. So I stood in team for around a week, which finally I left after CLG 1st showmatch tournament and AAA 3v3 online event. So it wasnt leaving over night and since team captain actualy offered me something for staying, I dont belive i was trial either. ( You dont wanna keep ur trial for changing team behavior by 180*). And for time being I'm not going to get money from them. At 1st Kujaa was saying that he dont have idea where the money are or said that they were frozen on his PayPal which finnaly he said that "team" decided that they wont pay me cuz I left aaa( Well I left after playing 100% of games in those two events w/e) Also on my departure they agreed on paying me.

Question: What about Wewillfailer? Do you know what's up with him?

Shushei: Well I know only as much as he told me. So that on prior 2 or 3 weeks to CeBIT their management told em that they can only take 5 players to Cebit the 6th spot is for Manager. Thats all I'm sure off.

Question: How do you see at the moment aAa team after all of this changes?

Shushei: Well I wont hide it. I rlly dislike them atm. ( apart from Soaz I rlly respect him) And The object of my hate would be Kujaa whom i trusted alot. And being backstabbed hurts the most ^^

Question: Thank you for your time Shushei and good luck for you and your team at CeBIT!

Shushei: Thank you for the interviev aswell, I hope it shows ppl that i;m not "the guy thats scheming behind someones back" but I say things openly. Also i can assure you that I spoke with kujaa before spreading that news.


  1. seeBanane said...:

    Fuck aAa then.
    And as a team you should just pool together some money for such an event. Leaving a player at home should be a no-go. How much can CEBIT cost if the cost is divided by six?

  1. alvar_martin said...:

    They pay 6 travels. But the manager took 1 place.

  1. seeBanane said...:

    I rather meant that the five other players who actually go to CEBIT should hold the spirit of the team higher than their greed and just throw some money together to pay the costs for the last one. They get actual money for just BEING there, it's 1750/5...

  1. seeBanane said...:

    so how is it not fair if everybody gives wwf 25 Euros to compensate for his travel so that he can be there?
    (first post was too long)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    or they could use shushei's money to pay the travel

  1. aBhorsen said...:

    This shows you why it is better to be in some organisations rather than others...

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I love you Shushei !

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