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Thursday, February 3, 2011
 Interview to Rashaasii

Name: Adam Olofsson
Date of birth: 1988-03-04
Town: Växjö
Other games nicks and ratings: Just LoL and SC2 for now. If some pimp game releases I’ll ofc play that too.
 Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Hmm, don’t like this part. But guess I say something personal here; Disoriented guy who aren’t really sure what to do with his own life. Think too much for my own good.
When did you start to play online games?
Lets see now.. what did I start with.. hmm! First it was WC3 TFT at age of 14 or something, played some customs and ladder games with friends. Dota was one of the favourite’s ofc. Then i started playing either EVE online or WOW, not sure which was first. Then I played some Everquest II for a while. And then back to WOW and EVE online again.
How did you choose your nickname? Tell us more about your old nicknames please.
My nick Rashaasii i directly adopted from my Everquest II elf. Just thought out a random name that sounded a little special and was easy recognizable.
Can you describe your play style?
I’ve always liked tanks. Played warrior in WOW my entire time there. Though, I was warrior dps, dual wield, kinda what I am now, tank who like to put out damage. Same for all other RPG games I’ve played, mostly picked warrior/tank class there.
Who is currently the best LoL player in your eyes? And the best clan?
sOAZ is the best I think, diverse player who can play most champs, and also play them good. The best team is of course my own, our SK-gaming team!
Tell us more please about your in-game strengths and weaknesses.
I’m very good at lane controlling. If I’m against a little easier target, I usually try to take down their HP to the point where jungler is unable to gank. Cause if the enemy laner follows, I’ll prolly kill him when he is attempting to help. I’m aggressive, and I usually strike people when they aren’t aware. I also know what my champions are capable of, I know when I can dive, when to gank, when to strike when I see a kill. My biggest weakness is that I hate to play passive, Cho’gath is a easy gank at top lane, and I usually push to much sometimes. Which gives enemy team a good chance for gank. But if I’m gragas or malph it’s no problem, lots of escape abilities that are hard to handle.
People always ask for some tips. What is the best advice you can tell them?
Learn what your champs can do, play against lots of champs and learn what to do against each of them. When laning, try to get to the point to creep skip the other if it’s possible, keep pressure on the other laner at all times. Always try to have the laner enemy at lower health then yourself, which makes ganks a lot easier, at some point your team jungler can dive the tower for kill. Or even better, you kill him yourself. Lots of people focus mostly on last hitting, but imo, it’s better to try to dominate the laner, at the point where he cant creep, or even make exp from creeps. Focus the champ more than the creeps. Also as I said before, enemy team jungler is unable to gank if enemy laner is low on hp. That’s why I always have my ignite on me, I get enough of burst for these situations. I just hate playing teleport as top laner, sure it’s good at some points. But you cant make kills at lane with it and is useless in teamfights. Ignite is the last piece you need to make the enemy drop that last 200 hp for kill. Screw defensive playing, offensive ftw J
How much time do you spend on LoL per day/week? What do you think about all this time you spend online?
I don’t spend a shit of playing atm L Recently moved to a student hall, and fucktards are downloading constant, so I cant really play at the weeks anymore, which is really annoying. I’m not really sure what to answer at the second thing. Sure, if you get professional, at least I see some point in playing. But there is other creative things you can do except playing video games. It’s fun and all to play, but not something I would like to see myself do as 40 years old. I’m sure gonna to try to cut down my time spent online soon.
Let’s talk about your clan. Where are most of the players from, who are the good players and the n00bs, who’s the leader, why are you in this clan, when did you join, etc.? And give us the link to your website please!
Nrated and Sleazy are from germany, Oce1ote and Araneae from Spain, Alth0r france, Me myself from Sweden, Severus germany too. And Wickd is from Denmark. Aren’t any noobs in team, haha, big word for a top team. You think we got noobs in it? Kinda retarded right? :D Araneae is the leader. Nrated often throws out commands in matches also.
It started out with me and Nrated, both were kinda teamless, and Araneae ofc saw us spanking some ass at some point and thought “Lets invite them! They are fucking godlike!” And so he did, after that we won some Go4lol, and the Dimegio domination began. Some weeks/months later becoming part of the famous SK-gaming.
Are you looking forward to playing a game that is not LoL?
Diablo 3 will be really cool to play. That is probably the game I look forward to the most. I’m not super hyped about it, but yeah, it will be great.

----- Just you, the guy behind the player -----
Let’s talk a bit about you. What do you have planned in your real life in the next weeks/months/years?
Weeks - Doing some studies, try finding some new guys I can hang out with in the new city I moved to. Months – Find a way to make studies, friends, partys, training, gaming work along good together.
Years – Finding myself and the meaning of life!
Can you tell us what your daily schedule is?
Boring as fuck. Some seminary at school, go home and make a little studies, and then mostly spending time at the computer. Going to find a nearby gym soon, and continue my way for a pimp body.
Do you have brothers/sisters? A Girlfriend/wife/husband? Do they play online games too?
I have a sister and brother, neither of them plays a lot of computer or console game. My brother plays a little.
What are your hobbies (except age games or computer)?
Music, and as I told, gonna start gym again. Will hopefully start partying soon too. Psychology interests me also, that’s what I’m studying atm.
Can you tell us what computer you have (keyboard, graphic card, memory, etc.)?
Some poor ass shit keyboard, old Logitech. Graphic card is Radeon HD 4800. Intel E8500 processor. 2GB ram. G500 Logitech mouse.
What car do you have, or what car are you planning to buy?
I got a Volvo V40 turbo at home at the moment. 175 horse power, works! But probably gonna sell it now when I’m studying, too expensive to have. And I would love to have some kind of Porsche in the future.
The first thing you do in the morning when you wake up? The last thing before you go to sleep?
Uhm, breakfast? Last thing, I spank the salami.
Hottest girl on this earth?
This girl I recently found is a strong competitor, and because she also lives in Sweden, I say her.
Hottest guy on this earth?
Oh man.. there is a lot of guys who got good looks, can’t really tell hottest, I’m not gay L

----- Word Association -----  
Please answer with the first word that comes to your mind.
Morde? Big clump of metal. 
LoL? Laughing out loud. 
Riot? Phreak and his cute videos.
Noob? Someone who don’t got a brain.
Pro Gamer? Someone who make money on gaming.
ranked? ELOO!
HoN? Game which is over hyped by 14 year olds.
Araneae? A yelling Spaniard. Love the guy in general tho.
Annoying? Play some games in LoL, and you will problably find what I mean.
patches? Sometimes good, sometimes annoying.
3v3? Map who is dying.
Starcraft? Marine arena!
Skill? Something you need to spank others.

----- Special questions -----
What is your favorite word? FUCK!
What is your least favorite word? I have no clue.
What sound or noise do you love? When it’s raining outside on a plastic roof (summerhouse?) and it’s all warm and cosy inside.
What sound or noise do you hate? When someone is touching this material you had above your car seats when you were little. Getting chills by hearing that.
What profession would you like to do? Not sure! But something cool.
What profession would you not like to do? Outhouse toilet cleaner
Most embarrassing moment? Haha, when I was caught wanking by my little sister some years ago. The fucker sneaked in when I thought she was outside. I was fast putting my beast into the pants tho.
Please tell us a joke. I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger; Then it hit me.
I didn’t ask all the possible questions…So can you ask yourself a question and answer it?
Yeah you forgot the most important question…
Is Linak a kid? He sure is.
Anything else you would like to add?
Thank you very much for your time.



  1. Anonymous said...:

    I think Severus came from Germany : D

  1. Rashaasii said...:

    hahaha, you're such a fucktard araneae. Massing up photos and shit.. geez

  1. claudio.carai said...:

    ahahah pls more picks :D

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Rashaasii in my opinion the best player from SK!

    TiMe To BeCoMe fAmOuS bro ;D

  1. Anonymous said...:

    <3 too ara =D sOAZ*

  1. Anonymous said...:

    & rasha =P

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hes actually a real jerk in-game.

    I hope i never play with him or any other SK Gaming ever again. -.-

  1. Anonymous said...:

    rashaasii: best gragas ever seen

  1. Anonymous said...:

    rashaasii is worst player in SK gaming, lulz

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