EMS VIII LOL Groupstage!

Monday, April 11, 2011
Today we can finally announce the groups of the ESL Major Series VIII League of Legends after some delays in the qualification rounds caused by the transatlantic matches, for which our apologies.
One team remains to be decided in the last QR2 match between Team SoloMid and Special Room. The remaining 15 teams have been qualified already and are seeded like the following.

Presenting the Groupstage

EMS VIII LoL Groupstage
Group A Group B
Counter Logic Gaming
Team Dignitas LoL
team tictacs
SK Gaming
peculiar gaming e. V.
Dimegio Club
Group C Group D
fnatic MSI
Against All Authority.LOL
super bad team
myRevenge e.V.
To Be Replaced 01
Clan Poland LOL

Every team has to battle twice against each opponent. This results in a groupstage of 6 weeks long.

The schedule of these matches consists on the following:

Match Date
1 16/04/11
2 23/04/11
3 30/04/11
4 07/05/11
5 14/05/11
6 21/05/11

Prize money distribution

League of Legends

5,000 €

   1st 2,500 €
   2nd 1,500 €
   3rd 1,000 €


  1. Cavvar said...:

    dignitas got the hardest group;)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Group C is the msot easy to predict..Im going to pay especial attention to group A ( clg) and group B, go go dimegio!!:D:D

  1. ZenonTheStoic said...:

    I think A and C are foregone conclusions: CLG + Dignitas from A and fnatic + aAa from C. It's only groups B and D that will be very interesting, I feel. SK have a super-easy group with B, the only question is if OGODBEARS can take second spot from the two other EU teams. Group D is full of teams where I really can't say who's strongest.

    I am correct in my guess that it's the top two teams from each group that go on, right?

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