Go4LoL #24 ! SK vs Gamed

Sunday, February 13, 2011
SK Picks: Nunu Ashe Soraka Shen Akali
Gamed Picks: TF Sion Taric Warwick Malphite

Gamed new sponsor, for old High Voltatge, really good team with almost all Germany players. They picked a really CC setup, with all stuns. We were so focud in the early game, dodging level 1 fight (3stuns) and at level 6 they got 5 stuns. Akali had to enter in the battle always the last guy.

They did 1st drake but we after kill em. They did a really good early game ganking so hard SleazyWeazy (Shen) in top lane with Warwick, Malphite and TF. In mid game we did some good teamfights. Then we pushed till tower, but they respawn and kill some of us and they did Nashor.

But we already got a really big advantatge, so we continue pushing till win the game. Good match vs a really annoying Stun Setup.


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