LoL: Hannover Invitational with $13,500 prize pot!

Thursday, February 17, 2011
League of Legends at CeBIT
Besides the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship, CeBIT in Hannover will also welcome four of the best League of Legends teams. These four teams will play in a very unique system for a prize pot of $13,500 total. Watch the League of Legends Hannover Invitational live on location at CeBIT or follow the matches on a dedicated ESL TV stream!

See the thrilling group stages live on a special ESL TV stream on Friday, and on Saturday the grand final will be live on stage at CeBIT and on the regular ESL TV stream.

League of Legends: The first big offline ESL event

At CeBIT the best of the best in the major eSports games clash for Intel Extreme Masters title. Alongside these eSports legends, a new game gets a shot to prove its potential. Four of the best League of Legends teams will meet at CeBIT to give us all demonstration of their skills.

The teams of the Hannover Invitational:

Against All Authority.LOL
SK Gaming
Team FurIR
myRevenge e.V.

Intel Extreme Masters Hanover Invitational - System:

To see a lot of thrilling matches in Hanover we came up with a modified group stage that will bring even more action than usual. The four teams will start in a usual group of four and play this group in Best of 1. After the group stage is over, the last team will drop out as fourth placed, and the remaining three teams will play a group again to determine the finalists.

Groupstage #1

Groupstage #2

Grand Final

1st: Team A - 3:0
2nd: Team C - 2:1
3rd: Team D - 1:2
Out: Team B - 0:3
1st: Team C - 2:0
2nd: Team D - 1:1
Out: Team A - 0:2
Team C vs. Team D

Prize Money

1st: $4,750
2nd: $2,750
3rd: $2,250
4th: $1,750
Win Bonus: $200

We are looking forward to a thrilling tournament and a great première for League of Legends at an offline ESL event!


  1. Byakuya said...:

    Hum, excellent blog Araneae. I'll definetly keep checking in for updates.

    EU LoL is much more competitive than the US.

    Take a look at my League blog sometime:

    It's more US orientated, but it's much the same.

    As for the tournament, hopefully there will be some videos, because I'm eager to see how it goes.

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