Go4LoL #24 ! aAa vs myR

Monday, February 14, 2011
aAa Picks: Karthus Corki Soraka Nunu Malphite
myR Picks: Taric Shen Malzahar Morgana Ashe

Early game started with a slight disadvantage for us, by them getting 2 kills on us in the lvl 1 fight.
With that and Karthus beeing an amazing champion for early mid game, they had the upper hand at first.
This didn t change too soon with Malphite grabbing 3 kills at one of the early dragon fights.
That gave us a hard time initiating, especially since all of aAa rushed a Banshee's Veil against Morgana Bindings and Ashe Arrows.
Mid game was mostly dominated by farming, poking and wanking around at Baron, because both teams were kinda scared of the others doing it real quick.
After some time and even more farming, we slowly took the upper hand, by Ashe beeing such an amazing Lategame Carry and Karthus getting weaker and weaker in lategame.
At some point, we managed to win a fight and secure a Baron afterwards, which enabled us to destroy several towers.
With only the Inhibitor turrets left on their side, it didn t take too much time, until the first Inhibitor also fell.
At that point they couldn t leave base anymore and with another Baron we managed to finish it.
Thank you for the info to Mellisan, player of myRevenge.

Here is the screen:


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