Go4LoL #24 ! SK vs myR

Monday, February 14, 2011
Finally SK came back winning our 11th Go4LoL. No one though we could win that tournament (in wickd stream everyone though myR will rape us >.<), after our games in the QuadraKill. But after some bad weeks of examns, and having big problems in last Go4LoL's for disconections, we won it!

SK Picks: Nunu, Gragas, Ashe, Soraka, Akali.
myR Picks: Anivia, Swain Taric Sivir Rammus.

We start just warding and defending our jungle cause our level 1 fight was really weak. Then, at minute 3 Rashaasii (Gragas) almost kill xPeke (Swain) top (less then 20hp after ignite) but then he tried to lasthit Swain and xPeke ignited him and tower hit Gragas once, so he died for the ignite! GG Rashaasii :D

Bot lane was just farming lane. Sleazy ganked once and we could kill Taric diving so hard (I get the kill with Soraka :'( ) They also ganked so much top Rashaasii, who died so much in the early game. In a mid teamfight, they did a 4-2 (they killed 4 of us while we only killed 2), but then they tried Drake, and we went to stop em in time. They ran out, and we did Drake, and push lanes.

After that we start leading the game, and doing some good teamfights with Ashe Arrow. We won in a 35 min game.


  1. Locke said...:

    Now with the replay tool released it would be really awesome if you could post replays of the games as well.. I bet it would increase the amount of visitors as well. Like.. A LOT.

  1. Cryseason said...:

    Very nice played tournament from ocelote with Akali! Great !!

  1. AxeC said...:

    Well done on getting back to winning ways guys. You have us believing in you. Looking down the list ocelote really likes to carry 0.o

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