Go4LoL #24 ! SK vs 7w.LoL

Sunday, February 13, 2011
We won 7w.LoL french guys. They started asking to postpone but admins said not. So we played vs em with this setups:

SK Picks: Malphite Akali Nunu Soraka MF
7w.LoL Picks: Anivia Irelia Ezreal Taric Amumu

We let again Akali mid, but he died in minute 2 like a BOSS. He just stayed letting anivia autoattack him, ignited and dead :D It was so funny :)

The rest of the much wasnt hard. We ward everything and did some good ganks. Nunu ganked mid thousand of times, so Akali could outfarm her.

This is the screen of the match, and now final vs myR:


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