Go4LoL #21 ! SK vs TicTacs

Sunday, January 23, 2011
WOW! 48 minutes of game vs Team TicTacs, only words to say: GOODGAME. What a nice game we played!

SK Picks: Ashe Rammus Malphite Malzahar Sona
TicTacs Picks: Corki Sion Zilean Warwick Kennen

They did a perfect early game. No errors, good ganks, and good lanes. Corki get the firstblood vs Malzahar in mid. Then Rammus ganked top, and Rammus and Malphite died vs Kennen, who also died, but it was 2 for 1, so TicTacs lead the game in the early so hard. Then some teamfight with some error of us made a very fed Corki. Fredy122 with Corki, played a perfect game.

In late game, we rushed Nashor and start pushing lanes. Then Karalius came in our back with Sion, and we rush him. He was in a bad position. I think he run away but we fought 4 vs 5 and won that battle, and inhibitor. Then with a continue push we won that game.

What a really nice game we played. Fredy122 played really good, also Wickd did a great job too.


  1. PooshDaBatton said...:

    lol why u win all the matches? Buying matches is not fair I think.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    any place we can watch the match ?

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