Go4LoL #20 ! SK vs Dimegio

Sunday, January 16, 2011
SK: Malphite Amumu Sivir Taric Anivia
Dimegio: MissFortune Corki Cho'Gath Shen Soraka

We won against my spanish buddy's. They played a dual AD setup, with a really good laning phase. (Cho>Malph, Corki>Anivia). In the fight at level 1, it was really equal, we killed Cho, they killed Anivia but we get the first blood, Sivir, played by nRated.

Then bot lane was really fine, Taric Sivir pushing so hard. The jungler of Dimegio, Hein, made 2 good ganks to Top and mid, while I tried to gank mid, but my bottom lane didnt want to come to get a freekill!

We get the first drake and then in the first team fight we won it with massive AOE's. Then Sivir push bot all the time and we push top hard. It was a good game.

Now Semifinal vs Competo! We want our revenge!


  1. Jimmy said...:

    Molt bon partit, espero que sigueu sempre humils, això és el que us diferenciarà dels equips i us clasificaran amb els grans equips.

  1. BloodLust said...:

    Wickd is so bad with Taric and still arrogant when he sucks. Nrated and him let escape Corky with 10 hp. I understand why Althor become so mad with this sort of player. He always think he is doing right. Never get into retrospection.

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