Go4LoL #22 ! SK vs iNEXOR

Sunday, January 30, 2011
First game I comment! It was our third game, 4 round (we skiped the first round), and we won vs iNEXOR.

SK Picks: Janna TwistedFate Shen Ashe Morgana
iNEXOR Picks: Sion Malzahar Rammus Taric Corki

We took a global gank setup, with Morgana Top with teleport vs Sion, TF mid vs Malzahar, and bot Janna Ashe vs Taric Corki. We lost the first teafight, 1-0. It was close to both teams. Then we did a long lane phase, and they tried to gank bot with mid jungler and 2 bot, (4vs2) and when they came, TF + Shen ulti, and Morgana TP did a 5vs4, we won it and did drake. Then game was easier.


  1. Locke said...:

    Too bad the game wasn't streamed, hopefully the rest of the games would be streamed...

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