Go4LoL #21 ! SK vs H2K

Sunday, January 23, 2011
We lost vs H2K! 6 disconections in our Team pwned us so hard.

SK Picks: Anivia Malphite Shen Sona MF
H2K Picks: Malzahar Mundo Cho'Gath Soraka Corki

We started defending our golem with no level 1 fight. Then I failed on a gank to Malzahar, and we started the disconnects. Wickd dc, then Oce1ote, so we were playing some minutes with only 3 players. Anivia get some ganks mid, so Malzahar overfarm him. Same to Mundo top and Corki bot. Wickd disconnected a total of 5 times. No much we can do with that. Even with the massive disconnections, we fought at Nashor. I could steal it from H2K, but they killed me and Sona, but it was nice.

But nothing we could do since they took all the drakes without any defense (always 4vs5...) and all our buffs.

Good luck to H2k in the final vs oSk, and I hope my friends get a better net!


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