Go4LoL #22 ! Coverage

Sunday, January 30, 2011
Here you can follow a coverage made by player of Top european teams!

Rounds for us starts at 15.30!

Which team will be the surprise in this Go4LoL?

See you soon guys!

SK Gaming : Wickd
oSk Gaming : xPeke - Shushei
aAa : WebTV
H2K : Skaft
Dimegio: DimegioClub
Fureur : ToL136
Tictacs : Karalius

Liquicity: Alex_Ich

Liquicity is a new team formed by 4 russians and a spanish guys.(Alex_Ich, D4rker, Flashinthenight, VeScorp, the russian guys, and Ch0s3n from spain).

Good luck guys!


  1. Locke said...:

    Lots and lots of thanks to Liquicity, aAa and Dimegio for streaming these games! The final of the tournament can be found at http://www.own3d.tv/video/61910/Finale_des_GO4LOL_22___SK_gaming_vs_AaA

    I hope they make observer/replay function to the game soon...

  1. eXeL0L said...:

    we are so lucky with drafts :/

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