Go4LoL #20 ! SK vs Competo

Sunday, January 16, 2011
BANS: Malphite Vlad Rammus Ashe Janna Anivia
SK Picks: Taric Shen Malzahar Sivir Amumu
Competo Picks: Kassadin Cho Corki Warwick Soraka

We are in the finals! We won Competo in semifinals. I think we did soe good bans/picks and then we took lvl 1 fight and we almost killed 3 of em QQ but we didnt kill anyone. Just I (Araneae,Amumu) get full level from Warwick suicide to tower. So I did a really nice jungle. We get after first kill with Shen using ultimate bot-lane.

Shen did a very good job top and mid was an amazing battle. Kassadin vs Malzahar harrassing each other all the time. It was funny :) Then they went to drake, and we stopped em but then we went back and they did free drake :(

After that we start warding everywhere and destroying their jungle and ganking all the time. Personally, both tanks did a great job :P Amumu and Shen, all the time stunning, taunting, with the damange of Malzahar and Sivir, decide the battle. Everyfight, Kassadin get Malzahar ultimate, so he was really f***** all the time >.<

This is the screen of the final! See you soon guys! Final vs Birth, my friend, xPeke! :)


  1. xPeke said...:

    GOnnna be rly fun ! :D

  1. Pedro said...:

    Start with a 3 / 0 is a punctuation very difficult to trace, gives much advantage. Congratulations

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