Go4LoL #21 ! ALS VS Tictacs

Sunday, January 23, 2011
ALS vs TICTACS starting:

bans: malphite // sion nida // janna chogath // corki

TicTacs : Taric MissFortune // Heimer MasterYi // Xin
aLs : Kassadin // Shen Amumu // Sivir Veygar

Sorry, but the game will not be streamed

TicTacs wins after 1 hour !
We have been killed several time due to Skyyart high ping (200+).
Then they could push all our towers and the mid inib.
After that they have keep backdooring and pushed all our lanes.
At 30min game, we got one inib with one tour and one tower remaining at our nexus.
They try to get nashor, sivir stole it with her Q.
Then some teamfights occured, they were all kitting while yi was backdooring ...
At 55min, aLs push the three lines and try to get nashor, sivir is instant killed.
And Tictacs go backdoor nexus.
GG to them.
I wish them good luck against SK


  1. alvar_martin said...:

    What the fuuck are all of that picks? XD

  1. JothY said...:

    Trying something :P

  1. Talvi said...:

    Antogyn should get a better team, he's too good.

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