Go4LoL #21 ! Osk vs aAa

Sunday, January 23, 2011
Osk: Vladimir(xPeke) / Zilean(shushei) / Tristana(lamiazealot)+janna(mellisan) Rammus(cyanide-jungle)
aAa: Shen(wewillfailer) / Gragas(sOAZ) / Urgot(kok tidus)+Taric(kujaa) / Malphite(yellowstar)

The game began with 1-0 to aAa loosing cyanide in that fight but as soon as we started lanning we were dominating with zilean and vladimir and first fights were pretty favorable for us since we had some more kills than them. We got first dragon without problems and sOAZ failed stealing it but he took revenge in second dragon which he easily stole. late we had some problems we tried to initiate but malphite stomped us all and we got almost aced, but then after going equal we made to catch shen(wewillfailer) pushing a lane and pushed then we made to kill gragas(soaz) and make baron without that much risk of getting it steal.

then finally last fight was so Great for us: urgot ultied me into their base and all 5 came to me.. i just did Ulti with vladimir then pool and shushei places 2 bombs. For the time i go out of pool i pop zonya and insant ulti from zilean(<3) so they were already loosing 50% of their hp, then everyone comes in and after zonya we just made the fight and the nexus ^^

pretty fun match and well played by aAa


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