First look of Renekton

Wednesday, January 19, 2011
With the new hero, I asked some of the SK Gaming LOL, and 1 players, what they think about him. These are their answers:

What do you think about the new hero?

Alth0r: I think he is not very good char.

nRated: Well, not really playable.

Do you think he will be a Tank or a DPS?

Alth0r: Well, as tank he got no big cc's. Only 1 stun. And not enough DPS without items. There are better tanks. So he is forced to be played as DPS but he is Melee. And as DPS you can kill him so fast.

nRated: Both can be played, but I think tanky one is better cause of the heal in AOE

Here I got a friend who wants to talk about Renekton:

myhooL: You should kinda overwork your Renekton impressions, I met 1 in a ranked Sologame! He took solo top, was hard to gank, farmed himself UP played a tanky Build but with some DPS, just Urgot Style and went pretty much unkillable Lategame.


  1. Kimba said...:

    He need solo line and farm like hell, he is the new nasus xD

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