Go4LoL #20 ! SK vs oSK (Birth)

Monday, January 17, 2011

We won the Top2 Team of the go4lol ranking in an intense final!

SK Picks: Araneae - Warwick
SleazyWeazy - Shen
nRated - Taric
Oce1ote - Ashe
Wickd - Janna

oSK (Birth) Picks: Pingus - Evelyn
Shushei - Kassadin
xPeke - Kog'Maw
CyanideFi - Malphite
Mellisan - Sona

We played Top: Shen vs Malphite, mid Janna AP vs Kassadin, and bot lane AP Taric + Ashe vs Sona + Kog'Maw. In Jungle, Warwick on SK side, an Evelyn on oSK side. It was a really hard match, where we did a really fast Drake, but they ganked so fast with Evelyn. Evelyn was all around the map ganking everyone O.O.

But we knew that we get a better late setup so we focus the game to push and play safe till late game. Then everyteam fight, me (ww) flash + ultimate with Ashe Arrow, Taric Stun and Shen taunt and a 1 guy down. We always focused Evelyn/Kassadin.

Then at mid game (min 30 or something like that) nRated disconnect for 10 minutes or something like that so they could do free Nashor, free Drake and our buffs, cause we were just 4 guys, but we get already inhibitor pushed, so they couldnt push so hard. But even without inhibitor, they could destroy 2/3 towers. Then nRated came back and in that moment, xPeke did a big mistake: he run in our face, and he ate ww ultimate, taric stun, Ashe ultimate..>.< We push again inhibitor and we made Nashor. In that moment they came to us and we took the last fight. We focused hard Kassadin and then Evelyn. We won that fight, and with that, won the game.

For me, the best player in that match was Sleazy. He played so well vs Malphite and he was all the time looking the map to ultimate someone of us to help or to gank. Of oSK Pingus did a really good early ganks. Really nice game to oSK and gratz for you new Sponsor.

Screen of the match:


  1. Buen partido, early de ellos pero el resto del partido sólo podían mirar como iban perdiendo la partida. Saludos

    Pd: soy age2erre

  1. xPeke said...:

    si cuanto mas pasaba peor, tenian muy buen late... y aun asi ellos tuvieron mejor early por esos dos free dragons y el free farm de shen :P

  1. Ray said...:

    No pude ver el partido, pero estoy impresionado como ganaron con un equipo tan raro, ap taric y janna? :S

    No fueron ustedes los que jugaron y ganaron la final de ESL contra ellos sin ningun problema?


  1. BloodLust said...:

    In english plz ? are we on international blog of international team here? :D

    Anniway burst of Kass + Eve was very hard to deal with mid. That was close most of the time.

    And i agree so much with you when you said Sleezy has been the best player in this match. I want to say He has been even the best player in all of your matches in this tournament. He is a really strong player imo. But ofc you did well with Present Amumu too ;)

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