Go4LoL #20 ! SK vs Nazgul

Sunday, January 16, 2011
We finished our 3rd round winning Nazgul team, an Italian team. Its nice to see italians players here ^^

We played with Malphite top, Vladimir mid, Ashe and Janna bot, and Jungling, Mumu-Present!

I remember some funny moments like me trying to use ultimate (bugged), couldnt press R or even clicking with the mouse..>.< I get owned.. Then we looked at wickd build and we all laughed so much ^^ Ashe with Sheen. WTF! Also we saw good moves by nRated AP-Taric with GunBlade and a huge focus. And Sleazy almost done a pentakill but exhaust killed him ^^

This is the score of the match:


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